Our Process

Construction in Los Angeles and the surrounding area is often stressful and time-consuming for homeowners. With our customer-focused process, our Burbank-based construction team will take the time to make sure you are well-versed in the project and understand what you can expect throughout the building or remodeling process. We walk you through each step to turn your dreams into our creation. Our process has been refined with many years of construction in Los Angeles, and we’ve come to find that being open and honest with our customers is the most effective approach to help build trust and deliver a high-quality product that homeowners love.

We are committed to providing excellent service with your project to ensure compliance with all local, state and federal jurisdictional requirements, and we proudly adhere to Los Angeles CountyVentura County, and Orange County guidelines.

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The Create Call

The first step is an initial call to ensure that we are a fit for your needs. On this call, we’ll gather general information about the customer,  project, scheduling, and budget in an in-home consultation.

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Create Vision & Meeting

Once we make sure we’re a good fit, a Create Construction project manager will meet with the client in person or virtually and learn all about their vision and also discuss ideas, budget, and needs. The initial consultation is complementary, and together we will determine the vision and scope for the project. We will also discuss preliminary budget, schedule, and overall project feasibility. During this meeting, a design fee will be determined as well as the overall project ballpark.

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Create Design & Plans & Proposal

A project manager will do a second meeting with or without architect & designer, depending on the type of project. During this stage, our project manager will reveal the detailed scope of work, the timeline for the project and the project proposal. After talking about all the details of the project, our experts will begin to design your project. Planning is key in this stage, as we always take steps toward a successful project. We will continue to communicate with the client throughout the process.


Create Pre-Construction

At this stage, construction agreements are drafted and signed with the client. Per CSLB regulations, we take down payment of 10% or $1000 whatever is less to promise the initiate a  start date in our schedule. We will then create a work plan and schedule. Selecting and ordering all required finish materials is crucial at this stage to ensure no delays due to missing materials.


Create Construction & Follow Up

A construction project manager will oversee all aspects of the project and update the client regularly, as well as provide access to our online project management system to see the progress of the construction project. This includes scheduling, selections, correspondence, etc. When the project is nearing completion, we will schedule a walk through and create a punch-list (items to be completed) of the project. Once the project is completed, we will have the space professionally cleaned. After a couple of months you will receive a call from us to hear about how you enjoy our creation!  

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