Pasadena, CA 91001

Timeless Luxe: Blending Tradition with Modern Elegance in Pasadena

a traditional home whispers a tale of transformation, where modernity and heritage waltz in perfect harmony

About This Project

Presenting "Pasadena Revival," a project that epitomizes the fusion of modern elegance and traditional charm. Nestled in the heart of Pasadena, this home's renovation centered on the bathrooms and living spaces, meticulously modernizing them while preserving their classic essence. Key features include luxurious walk-in showers, refined finishes in the primary and guest bathrooms, and sophisticated updates to the living and dining areas. The result is a captivating blend of timeless tradition and contemporary luxury, creating a home that resonates with both comfort and style.

Project Details

  • Significant update of a traditional Pasadena home, melding modern luxury with traditional aesthetics
  • Transformation of the primary bathroom with a spacious walk-in shower featuring Nature Tumbled Carrara Marble and sleek quartz accents
  • Guest bathroom mirroring the primary bathroom’s style, distinguished by matte black hardware
  • Cohesive theme of clean lines and refined elegance across both bathrooms
  • House-wide oak flooring refinishing to a lighter natural white oak shade
  • Removal of crown molding and application of fresh paint for a more contemporary appearance
  • Addition of a boho-style chandelier and new lighting fixtures in the living room, alongside a stunning Calacatta Gold quartz fireplace
  • Dining room makeover with a chic new chandelier and a contrasting color scheme of brown walls and white paneling
  • A successful endeavor in combining the grace of traditional design with the clarity and functionality of modern style.

"Transforming a space is about honoring its story while inviting in the new."

Kelly Wearstler, Interior Designer.