Burbank 91505

Burbank Mid Century Marvel: A Stylish and Efficient ADU

a testament to the power of visionary design, a testament that in every small space, there's an opportunity for grand living.

About This Project

Introducing the "Burbank Mid Century Marvel," an expertly crafted and stylishly designed new construction ADU that reimagines modern, compact living. With a focus on maximizing its 370 sqft footprint, this sophisticated studio space features a high ceiling, natural light integration, and a seamless connection to outdoor living, all while embodying Mid Century aesthetic.

Project Details

    • Compact 370 sqft studio space with clever design to maximize functionality.
    • High ceiling for an airy, expansive feel.
    • Thoughtful integration of natural light for a bright, welcoming atmosphere
    • Fully functional living space with a modern bathroom reflecting Mid Century aesthetic.
    • Efficient design and meticulous construction that demonstrates the power of thoughtful planning.
    • A comfortable and stylish tiny home, not just a secondary dwelling.
    • New Construction Detached ADU. 
    • Vinyl flooring. 
    • Prefab flat door kitchen cabinet with prefab quartz countertop. 
    • Teak style vanity and chic blue penny porcelain tile on the bathroom floor. 

"The beauty of an ADU lies not in its size, but in its ability to echo the warmth and comfort of a larger home, proving that great things truly do come in small packages."

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