Huntington Beach 92647

Huntington Beach Harmony: A Spacious and Timeless Family Home Expansion

Where the heart meets the sea, and traditional embraces modern.

About This Project

Welcome to our "Huntington Beach Harmony," a comprehensive remodel and expansion project that transforms a once-cramped family home into a spacious and inviting 1,600 sqft living space. This beautiful design seamlessly blends traditional and modern elements with a beach-inspired color palette, creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere perfect for a growing family.

Project Details

    • 350 sqft addition to the front of the house for increased living space.
    • Open-concept living, dining, and kitchen area with vaulted ceilings.
    • Custom-designed kitchen featuring a modern, traditional aesthetic.
    • Major renovation of existing house, including flooring, interior and exterior paint.
    • Addition of a fourth bedroom for the kids.
    • Welcoming foyer with two closets and a new connecting hallway.
    • Beach-inspired color palette of natural hues for warmth and relaxation.
    • Tailored living spaces designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of the client.

"Adding to a home isn’t just about more space. It’s about creating a story, adding character, and building a place where memories can bloom."

- Sarah Susanka