Silverlake, CA 90026

Silver Lake Serenity: A Nature-Inspired Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

Crafting a living space that's more than just a part of a house, it's a part of a lifestyle

About This Project

Discover the "Silver Lake Serenity," a stunning remodel in the heart of Los Angeles that masterfully blends natural elements with modern design. This project involved a complete overhaul of the kitchen and primary bathroom, transforming them into spaces that radiate tranquility and elegance. The remodel reflects the client's love for the outdoors with its use of natural colors and materials, creating an atmosphere of subtle luxury and inviting warmth.

Project Details

    • Complete redesign of the kitchen and primary bathroom in a Silver Lake home
    • Functional galley kitchen layout with an L-shaped corner connecting to the dining area
    • Custom shaker cabinets in sage green, paired with 1001 Riverlet countertops featuring off-white hues and amber veins
    • Clara matte porcelain tile backsplash installed vertically for understated elegance
    • Natural touch with solid white oak L-shaped shelves in the kitchen
    • Spacious walk-in shower and free-standing soaking tub in the primary bathroom
    • Unique glass opening in the shower for visual continuity
    • Minimalistic custom pocket shelving unit in the bathroom for a modern feel
    • Sahara Ecru Pressed Field Tiles used throughout the bathroom for a cohesive earthy tone
    • Solid acacia wood vanity uniting the design theme across the kitchen and bathroom
    • A harmonious blend of natural elements, subtle colors, and modern design for aesthetic and functional spaces.

"In the natural kitchen and bathroom, every line, every texture speaks of the earth, reminding us that true luxury lies in simplicity and harmony with nature."

- Tadao Ando, Architect.