West Hollywood 90069

West Hollywood Marvel: A Mediterranean-inspired ADU and Backyard Transformation

Symbol of architectural brilliance, merging functionality and aesthetics into a harmonious entity.

About This Project

Introducing our "West Hollywood Marvel," a striking transformation of an underused garage into a stylish, Mediterranean-inspired ADU, paired with a comprehensive backyard makeover. This 400 sqft office space boasts vaulted tongue and groove ceilings, custom wood windows, French doors, skylights, and custom cabinetry, all echoing the elegance of Mediterranean design. Coupled with a serene backyard upgrade, this project offers a perfect blend of function and aesthetics.

Project Details

    • Conversion of an underutilized garage into a stylish, 400 sqft modern Mediterranean ADU.
    • High vaulted tongue and groove ceilings, custom wood windows, and French doors enhance the aesthetic appeal.
    • Custom-built kitchen cabinet, entertainment center, and bathroom vanity adding unique charm.
    • Use of thick porcelain tiles for flooring, emulating a natural stone look, and polished subway tiles in the bathroom.
    • An arch doorway and smooth white stucco exterior with a Spanish tile roof, reinforcing the Mediterranean theme.
    • Complete backyard remodel, featuring high block walls, custom black iron lattice cover, porcelain tile pathways, and custom arch gates made of stained cedar wood.
    • Successful blend of function and aesthetics, resulting in a sophisticated ADU and revitalized backyard.

"Converting a garage into an ADU is an exercise in vision, creativity, and strategic design. It's about taking a utilitarian space and giving it a residential heartbeat."

- David Chipperfield